Custom Logistics Solutions.

Focusing on Workforce, we design these solutions with an ala carte style menu of requirements including: Air Charters, Commercial Air Travel, Charter Ground Transportation, Fleet Vehicle Management, Accommodation, UAV and all the extras(or “sides”, if you want to stick with theme!)

Your customized program gets whipped together with a series of processes, tailored to your taste and delivered to your traveler’s email inbox or mobile device in one inclusive itinerary, allowing for easy information management. Our custom solutions ensures an efficient and cost effective travel program, allowing you to focus on what you do best.  Saving you time and money.

Integrated Logistics

Consultation & Solution Development

We like to talk, but LOVE to listen.

Knight provides Logistics Consultation Services to develop solid strategy for your Workforce Transportation, including full logistics set up, vendor matching and cost analysis.

Based on your requirements, safety standards and budget we pair experience, knowledge and current industry standards to identify the best options for your specific requirements.

We also provide a review of any current travel program and pin point any areas that have the opportunity to provide cost savings or operate more efficiently.  From there, we would provide a outlined plan to improve your travel program.


Integrated Logistics

Air Charter Services

If all you need is airplanes for charter, we have our finger on the pulse!

We provide a unique “Up or Down Gauge” charter model, allowing us to provide the right size aircraft on short notice.  In particular, in a charter program, this model shows immense cost savings, allowing for maximum seat utilization.

We align you with the most suitable aircraft, carrier and departure lounge, so your entire charter experience services your unique needs.

Using our integrated reservations software, your travelers will receive their travel itinerary directly to their email or smartphone, including all accommodations and ground transportation or fleet requirements.

Integrated Logistics

Fleet Management Services & Ground Transportation

Shuttle Buses, Fleet Trucks and Rentals, OH MY!

Your passenger transportation doesn’t stop at the airport. We can organize your ground transportation to the flight schedule, and have an unparalleled number of well-screened vendors to suit your needs.  Shuttle Busses, Passenger Vans, SUVs or cars; we can do that!

We understand that managing your fleet trucks can be a puzzle, between tracking maintenance, drivers and managing lease requirements.  Fortunately, this is a puzzle that we could do with our eyes closed.

Our fleet management including driver scheduling, maintenance and damage monitoring, shared truck process implementation, reporting and anything in between (including helping to find lost keys!)

Integrated Logistics


From hotels to remote camps, we book a wide variety of workforce accommodation.

Coordinating with camps and hotels using our efficient reservation system, rooms can be assigned and confirmed instantly, sending your traveler their room confirmation on the same itinerary as any flight and ground transportation requests.

Additionally, we will provide accommodation forecasts to your camps or preferred hotels, reporting on actual stays in comparison.  With this active comparison, we can ensure better efficiency and cost management for your traveler’s requirements.

Integrated Logistics


There are many details that can’t be missed when moving your travelers from A to B.

Knight’s full logistics solution can include the management of those details including:

  • Certification Tracking: Track and manage the experiation of traveler documents or driver certifications
  • Freight or Hot-Shot Services: Freight or parts delivery service whether by ground, air or both
  • Periodic Drug Searches: Both at site or point of departure
  • Inflight Catering: Cold, Hot or ‘Over the Top’