Knight Launches Logistics Solutions

Nomadis LogoAfter years in the air charter industry, we are extremely proud to have launched a comprehensive logistics solution – one that includes personal management of corporate logistics, online services, and ongoing reporting to maximize workforce transportation efficiency.

Along with our new services, we have rebranded our firm (from Knight Aviation to Knight Aviation & Logistics), launched our new website and will be soon relocating our offices to accommodate our expansion.

Key to these changes were our excellent relationship with Nomadis, a logistics software solution provider.   We have been working with Nomadis over the past year, learning their capabilities, testing their functionality, and training our partner companies (i.e. air charter companies, FBO’s, ground transportation companies, accommodation providers) in its use. With such a large undertaking, one might expect a lot of headaches, but we have been amazed at the level of support provided by Nomadis!  Not only has the process been smooth, but our relationship has strengthened, and we’re looking forward to a bright future as a strategic partner with the company.

We wish to thank everyone involved in the process.  This has been such an exciting journey for us all!