We’ve got your back.

We understand, travel logistics can provide some challenges.  Changes are inevitable, and you need to have a back-up plan.  If something unexpected happens, such as a work schedule change or urgent travel request, we respond immediately to give you the best efficiency of time and cost.  If a long term shift is on the horizon, like a project location change, we help you prepare and adapt your program to move forward without a hiccup.

Don’t worry, we prepared for your changes. We’ve got your back!


“To present the most cost effective, user-friendly and efficient workforce logistics solutions through honest relationships with our clients and vendors.”


Knight Aviation & Logistics creates tailored travel programs, defined by your requirements. From big decisions to small details, we build a platform that holds the best solution to get your travelers where they need to go.

Identifying and procuring the most suitable aircraft, departure lounge and ground transportation are all integral to operating an efficient and effective travel solution. These decisions aren’t easy, but Knight has the knowledge, tools and processes that will succeed in getting you exactly what you need, including:

  • Industry Leading Safety Standards
  • Extensive Aviation Experience
  • Shared Client Flight Programs
  • Strong Client & Vendor Relationships
  • Vendor Management
  • All-in-One Traveler Itineraries (direct to traveler)
  • Reliable Reporting
  • Consistency in Service with Proven Processes
  • Strategic Partnership with Software Provider, Nomadis


Knight Aviation Founder and President, Darren Neid, began his career in aviation in the late ‘80s starting as a bush pilot in Northern Alberta. With over 10,000 flight hours as a commercial pilot, he moved into business development and marketing in the air charter industry. After some time seeing both sides of the equation — understanding client needs on one and a logistical knowledge of aviation on the other — he launched Knight Aviation in 2006. As part of the initial launch, Knight strategically aligned with four Alberta air charter companies, who entrusted the promising firm as their front-line marketing and client-relations partner.

As the company grew, so did the clients’ appreciation of Knight’s excellent understanding of both their needs and that of the aviation industry. This appreciation began to drive requests for other kinds of services, such as booking ground transportation, catering, and accommodation. During this time, Knight was able to build solid relationships with many other vendors.

In 2015, a severe drop in the price of oil impacted the company’s business while presenting an exciting new opportunity. As many companies were looking to cut costs, Knight was asked to assist. Approached by a key client (a global oil company), Knight was requested to take on more aspects of its workforce logistics program, encouraging further investment in logistics, and facilitating a re-brand of the company. This included hiring new personnel and executing an agreement with Nomadis, a logistics software vendor, to accommodate the increased workload without affecting the personal service style that clients have become accustomed to.

Today, Knight stays true to its grass roots culture of valuing strong client and vendor relationships.

“We’re proud to continue delivering superior service to all of our clients who have trusted us since Day One. And we’re excited to share our expanded vision to provide logistics solutions to them and companies across North America.” – Darren Neid, President

Key Personnel

Key Personnel

Darren Neid, President

Darren Neid, President

Darren believes in the value of a handshake and has built his business from the ground up, with his personal and professional motto: Always do the “most right” thing.
He takes great pride in ensuring this business stays the way he intended: honest, healthy and happy. Clients, Vendors and Employees included.

Jenna Gillespie, Executive Account Manager

Jenna Gillespie, Executive Account Manager

Focused on getting to the root of the problem, solving it and fostering an environment for continued improvement, Jenna will make sure she fully understands what you’re up against. Once she knows that, she makes sure those ‘pain points’ no longer hurt.
Believing in a fully integrated system, she knows that a well run program includes a lot of understanding, solid process and good communication.

Alec Miller, Lead Travel Coordinator

Alec Miller, Lead Travel Coordinator

Alec makes things happen- and FAST!
Knowing the value of a minute, he’s the guy organizing all of your a-to-b travel plans. Whether you’ve got last minute changes, or love to plan ahead he’ll make it happen. With a ton of experience in customer service and a serious (and I mean serious) love for aviation and travel, Alec will ensure there are no bumps in your travel plans.

Strategic Partners

“Knight helps us adapt on the fly. Whenever something changes, they get on the phone and find the right plane. They’re efficient, and give quick, if not immediate response.” – Rene Lavoie, Chevron Canada

“We’ve used brokers down in the US, and it’s really frustrating. We (Air Partners) have a 15-minute turnaround for getting back to people, and American brokers just say “I’ll get back to you tomorrow”. With Knight, I can call them at 11:30pm or 4:00am and they’ll still get back to me in 15 – 20 minutes.” – Kim Atkinson, Air Partners

“They’re really accommodating. Our president is a bit claustrophobic, so they’re always supportive of that (when choosing aircraft). Also, if the price is too high, I mention it and they go out and try to find other quotes. Their big strength is they’re quick; they get quotes quickly.” – Connie Zacharuk, Tourmaline